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Kitten Rescued from Sewer Drain by Rio Grande City Fire Department

Earlier this week, the Rio Grande City Fire Department & Emergency Management team responded to a call about a kitten trapped in a sewer drain on Rattler Drive, behind the Whataburger restaurant. Thanks to the quick actions of the department, the kitten was safely rescued and later adopted by one of the reporting community members.

The incident unfolded when two local residents noticed the kitten's distress and promptly contacted emergency services. The call came in early Monday morning, and firefighters were dispatched to the scene immediately.

On arrival, the fire department assessed the situation and used specialized equipment to carefully extract the kitten from the drain, ensuring the kitten was unharmed during the rescue.

"We're trained to handle a variety of emergencies, and we're always ready to help, no matter the situation," said Fire Chief Manuel Muniz. "We're just glad we could bring this little kitten to safety."

The kitten appeared to be in good health following the rescue. In a heartwarming twist, one of the community members who reported the incident decided to adopt the kitten, giving it a new home and a fresh start.

The Rio Grande City Fire Department's prompt response and successful rescue operation have been met with praise and gratitude from the community.