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Rio Grande City Police Department Welcomes New Officers

The Rio Grande City Police Department held a swearing-in ceremony last week to welcome two new officers to its ranks. Police Chief Noe Castillo administered the oaths for, Officer Maria Gonzalez and Officer Jaime Trevino, emphasizing the importance of integrity, dedication, and service to the community.

"We are proud to have Officer Gonzalez and Officer Trevino join our department," said Chief Castillo. "Their commitment to protecting and serving Rio Grande City is commendable, and we are confident they will uphold the high standards of our police force."

According to the Texas Constitution, all elected and appointed officers, including police officers, must take an official oath of office before they enter upon the duties of their offices.

The oath includes a promise to faithfully execute the duties of the office and to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States and of Texas.

The purpose of the oath is to ensure that police officers are committed to upholding the law and protecting the rights of citizens. By taking the oath, police officers are held accountable for their actions and are expected to act with integrity and professionalism.

The Rio Grande City Police Department continues to focus on community engagement and public safety, and the addition of Officers Gonzalez and Trevino highlights their ongoing commitment to these goals.