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City Attorney

City Attorney

Martie Garcia-Vela

Mission Statement

The mission of the City Attorney is to represent the City in all causes in which the City is

interested and shall have full and complete charge of the legal business of the City.


The City Attorney has the following authority and duties:

1. Advise officers. Advise the Mayor, City Administrator, the Council or its committees, and the
heads of all departments, agencies, boards, and commissions on all matters relating to their
official powers, duties and functions.

2. Prepare ordinances.Be responsible for the preparation of all ordinances and resolutions
as requested by the Mayor or the Board. The City Attorney shall advise the Board as to the form
and sufficiency of all ordinances prior to their adoption.

3. Give opinions.Render legal opinions upon any question of law submitted by the Mayor,
City Administration or the Board.

4. Attend Board of Aldermen meetings. Attend in person or by designee all Board meetings in
their entirety for the purpose of giving the Board any legal advise requested by its members,
and, at the request of the presiding officer, attend committee meetings of the Board.

5. Deliver records to successor. Deliver all records, documents and property of every description|
in his possession, belonging to his office or to the City, to his successor in office.

6. Special counsel. In case of special or unusual circumstances or in any case where the
City Attorney by reason of interest cannot represent the City, the Board, upon the request of the
City Attorney, may by resolution appoint special counsel and fix his or her compensation.