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Deputy City Manager

Mission Statement

The mission of the Deputy City Manager is to serve as supervising executive and administrative officer of the City government, and to enforce the laws of the City and require the faithful performance of all administrative duties.

The Deputy City Manager has the following authority and duties:
1. Appointment and dismissal. Appoint competent, qualified officers and employees to the administrative service, and shall have the power to dismiss, suspend and discipline, with or without cause in accordance with the Personnel Manual all officers and employees in the administrative service under his control. He also shall have the power to authorize a department head or officer responsible to him to appoint and remove subordinates serving under that department head or officer.
2. Appointment to acting capacity. Designate himself or some other officer or employee to perform the duties of any office or position in the administrative service under his control which is vacant or which lacks administration due to the absence or disability of the incumbent.
3. Annual report. Prepare and present to the Board an annual report of the City's affairs, including a summary of reports of department heads, and such other reports as the Board shall require.
4. Budget report. Assemble estimates of the financial needs and resources of the City for each ensuing year and shall prepare a program of activities within the financial power of the City, embodying in it a budget document with proper supporting schedules and analyses.
5. Assignment of employees. Have the power to assign any employee of the City to any department or branch thereof.
6. Prescribe rules. Have the power to prescribe such rules and regulations as he shall deem necessary or expedient for the conduct of administrative departments subject to his authority, and he shall have the power to revoke, suspend, or amend any rule or regulation of the administrative service by whomever prescribed.
7. Investigate. Have the power, either by himself or by any officer or person designated for the purpose by him, to investigate and to examine or inquire into the affairs or operation of any department, division, bureau, or office; and when so authorized by the Board, he shall have power to employ consultants and professional counsel to aid in such investigations, examinations, or inquiries.
8. Delegate duties. Have the power to direct any department, division or bureau to perform the work for any other department, division or bureau.
9. Coordinate departments. Be responsible for the coordination of the administrative heads of each department of City government and for the review and analysis of the operation and administration of all departments, boards and commissions established by the administrative ordinance.
10. Appear before the Board. Have the power to appear before and address the Board at any meeting with the right to take part in the discussion. He shall make recommendations to the Board and deliver messages to the Board and the people.

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