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Fire Department

910 E Main St
Rio Grande City, Texas 78582

Mission Statement

As first responders to fires, medical emergencies, public safety and disasters; RGCFD protects the lives and property of Rio Grande city residents and its visitors.  The Department advances public safety through its fire prevention, investigation and education programs.  The appropriate deliverance of these services enables the RGCFD to make significant contributions to the safety of Rio Grande City and our adjacent communities.

Manuel Muniz began his career with the Rio Grande City Fire Department when he entered the Rio Grande Valley Fire Academy on July of 1998.

Manuel S. Muniz entered the Rio Grande City Fire Department as a firefighter for several years . He gradually moved up the ranks becoming a Firefighter Engineer and Lieutenant. In 2007 he was appointed as Assistant Fire Chief, which he remained for over 12 years.

Manuel S. Muniz was sworn in as Fire Chief for the City of Rio Grande City Fire Department on July 10th 2019. 

Professional affiliations include: Advance Firefighter, attending and becoming a fire inspector and plan examiner, a fire investigator, fire instructor, emergency certified technician, attended Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service and successfully completed training for HazMat Emergency Response Technician, PPE Fire Officer, EOC Operations and Planning for All Hazards, Arson Detection for the First Responders, Incident Command System, Incident Safety Officer and under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security completed all NIMS certificate training


The department shall perform the following functions:

  1. Fire Prevention:  Prevent fire and detect unsafe fire conditions including violations of the penal ordinances of the City.
  2. Fire Enforcement:  Administer and enforce laws regulating, directing, controlling and restricting the possession or use of fireworks and flammable material within the City.
  3. Training/Education:  Operate a training/education program to maintain and deliver the competency and efficiency of the members of the department.
  4. Incident Report Preparation:  Prepare reports/statistics on injuries to any individual and property that occur by fire hazards.

Professional Department: The RGCFD boasts the best trained and professionally equipped fire department.  Personnel receive training and are certified by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCPF).  The department is a “First Responder”, and provides basic first aid and services in the event of a medical emergency.

Emergency Management Plan: The City’s Emergency Management Plan (EMP), provides basic information to respond in the event of a natural or civic emergency.The department is accountable for the principle responsibility to administer the plan of action.  The department works with various agencies such as the commission on State Emergency communications (CSEC), to ensure a rapid response in such events.

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