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Police Department

402 E. Main St.
Rio Grande City, Texas 78582

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rio Grande City Police Department is to provide a city-wide strategy to prevent and fight crime for a safer environment for the community.

Prior to becoming a public servant, Noe Castillo was an Administrative Assistant in the restaurant industry for Bowen Enterprises.

Castillo graduated from the Laredo Police Academy in December of 1994 and served as Deputy Constable. He then worked as a jailer and was quickly promoted to Sheriff’s Deputy on patrol with the Starr County Sheriff’s Department. 

On August 1, 1995, the Rio Grande City Police Department was established and Castillo was hired as one of the first nine officers to patrol the streets of Rio Grande City; soon thereafter promoting to the rank of Detective. In July 2000 Castillo went on to work for the 229th District Attorney’s Office as grant writer for the Crime Victims Grant and assisted victims of crime with the following: applications for benefits such as funeral expenses, medical expenses, assisting victims in obtaining protective orders, and helping victims understand the judicial process and court system. He also conducted investigations and assisted counsel in case preparation for trial.

In 2002 Castillo went on to work for the RGC School District as K-9 Officer conducting investigations for the RGCCISD and enforcing the Texas Education Code and Texas Penal Code in the school setting. He also conducted Drug Awareness presentations to different students ranging from high school to middle school. In March 2005, Castillo was hired as Assistant Chief of Police for the Rio Grande City Police Department overseeing operations.

Castillo holds a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Advanced Police Officer License; TCOLE Fire Arms Instructor Certificate; and also a TCOLE Certified Instructor Certificate. He is an Advisory Board Member for the South Texas Border Regional Police Academy at Laredo Community College. (read more)


The Rio Grande City Police Department's functions are organized according to its administrative divisions:  

Administration:  Lead the department by prescribing rules and regulations and taking all personnel actions.

Criminal Investigations:  Conduct investigations of crimes against life
and property and participate in investigative programs with other law enforcement entities.

Patrol:  Provide a visible and effective peace officer presence in the community through patrol units, Juvenile Offenders' Program, Crime Stoppers Program and Riot Team.

Communications:Manage emergency and non-emergency communications from all department clients. 
All police officers shall have powers, rights and jurisdiction as provided under Sections 341.001 and 341.021 Texas Local Government Code and shall enforce all penal ordinances of the City.


  • HIDTA Task Force:  The department participates in the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area
    Task Force.
  • Crime Stoppers:  The success of the national Crime Stoppers Program has lead to the creation of a local program Crime Stoppers International (CSI).  If you have a tip or other information please contact the Crime Stoppers Program or the department at 956/488-TIPS (8477).
  • Lost Property: The department provides a procedure for the sale of unclaimed, lost or stolen articles coming into the custody of the department.  Lost property sales are typically conducted with municipal surplus property sales.  Please check periodically to find information on dates and locations for lost property auctions/sales.

The Rio Grande City Police Department is notifying the Civilian Governing Body (CGB) of the City of Rio Grande City that it may potentially request and acquire any controlled property deemed necessary contained on the comprehensive list outlined below, from the Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) Program within the following fiscal year.

Hereafter, the Rio Grande City Police Department will notify the public and the Civilian Governing Body (CGB) no later than July 1 of each consecutive year, by providing an updated comprehensive list of controlled property that it may potentially request and acquire in the following fiscal year.

The items listed below are an example of the items that may be acquired through the LESO Program:

Weapons (pistols, shotguns, long rifles), Weapon modification kits, Weapon parts, Training Weapons. Aircraft (Fixed & Rotary), Aircraft parts, Armored Vehicles (MRAPs, Peacekeepers, Armored HMMWVs & NTAVs), Vehicle parts, Weapon-mounted optics & lasers, Handheld Optics & lasers, Night Vision Devices (including thermal equipment), Optical & sighting equipment (range finders, boresights, etc.), Tactical cargo vehicles (HMMWV, Cargo trucks), Watercraft, Unmanned Ground Vehicles (all robots), Wheel assemblies, Tools (hand, pneumatic & power), Purpose-built Handheld Breaching Equipment, Decontamination Equipment, Computers & peripherals, Camouflage & deception equipment, Radio & Telephone Equipment, Generators, Lighting & observation towers, Riot gear (helmets, face shields, fixed batons over 2 ft., wearable gear & shields), Capability Sets, and Camera Sets.

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