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Rio Grande City Public Utility Crewmen Assist in Repairing Water Leaks Across Starr County

The Rio Grande City Public Utilities Department recently lent their expertise to assist crewmen from the Starr County Housing Authority in repairing water leaks. Additionally, the RGC crewmen extended their support to aid crewmen from the RGC Grulla Independent School District (ISD) in repairing leaks at one of their campuses. This display of collaboration highlights the commitment of local agencies to ensuring the well-being of the community.

Following reports of water leaks at properties managed by the Starr County Housing Authority, the RGCPUD Crewmen promptly responded to the call for assistance. With their specialized skills and equipment, the crewmen teamed up with their counterparts from the Housing Authority to identify and repair the leaks, preventing further damage and inconvenience to residents.

Simultaneously, RGCPUD crewmen extended their assistance to crewmen from the Rio Grande City Grulla ISD, who were grappling with similar issues at one of their campuses. Working together, the crews tackled the leaks efficiently, demonstrating the effectiveness of interagency cooperation in addressing common challenges.

"The swift response and collaborative approach exhibited by our dedicated crewmen are a testament to their commitment to serving the community," stated Rio Grande City Mayor Joel Villarreal. "Their tireless efforts have not only helped in resolving water leaks but also strengthened the bonds of cooperation among local agencies."


The City of Rio Grande City reaffirms its commitment to fostering collaboration among local agencies to address critical infrastructure needs and ensure the continued well-being of the community.