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Rio Grande City's Ringgold Park Renovations Phase 1 Nearing Completion

Phase 1 of the highly anticipated renovations to Ringgold Park approaches completion. The city has invested significant resources in updating the park's facilities, including basketball courts, soccer fields, and the pavilion area, in preparation for its reopening to the public in Spring of 2024.


Phase 1 of the Ringgold Park renovations focuses on enhancing recreational amenities to better serve the needs of the community. The city has revamped the basketball courts and soccer fields, installing modern equipment to ensure a top-notch experience for sports enthusiasts of all ages.


In addition to the athletic facilities, the city has also paid special attention to the pavilion area, a popular venue for community events and gatherings. The pavilion has been repainted and revitalized, providing an inviting space for outdoor festivities, picnics, and rentals for private functions.


"The revitalization of Ringgold Park is a testament to our commitment to providing quality recreational spaces for our residents," stated Mayor Rio Grande City Mayor Joel Villarreal. "We are thrilled to see Phase 1 nearing completion and look forward to welcoming the community back to this cherished park."


City officials anticipate that the reopening of Ringgold Park will not only promote physical activity and healthy living but also foster a sense of community among residents. With its updated amenities and refreshed appearance, the park is poised to become a vibrant hub of activity for families and individuals alike.