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RGC Commission Commemorates Rotary Club Anniversaries

At the Regular Meeting of the City Commission of Rio Grande City, convened on Tuesday, February 20, Mayor Joel Villarreal and members of the City Commission came together to honor and celebrate the 119th anniversary of the founding of Rotary International and the 56th anniversary of the Rio Grande City Rotary Chapter. The occasion served as an opportunity to recognize the contributions of Rotary International and its local chapter to the community and beyond.


The Rotary Club of Rio Grande City, in alignment with the principles of Rotary International, upholds the motto of "service above self" and is dedicated to promoting goodwill and peace both locally and globally. Throughout its 56-year history, the Rio Grande City Rotary Chapter has remained steadfast in its commitment to service and has made a significant impact on the lives of individuals and communities.


One of the key initiatives of the Rio Grande City Rotary Chapter is its support for education and youth development. Each year, the chapter awards scholarships to graduating seniors, providing them with financial assistance to pursue their higher education goals. Additionally, the chapter offers leadership training programs for high school juniors, empowering them to become future leaders in their communities.

Furthermore, the Rio Grande City Rotary Chapter sponsors competitive speech contests for all high school students, fostering communication skills and confidence among participants. These contests provide students with a platform to express their thoughts and ideas while honing their public speaking abilities, thereby preparing them for future success.


Mayor Joel Villarreal and members of the City Commission expressed their appreciation for the Rio Grande City Rotary Chapter's dedication to service and its positive impact on the community. "The Rio Grande City Rotary Chapter has been an integral part of our community for over five decades, and we are grateful for their unwavering commitment to service and philanthropy," stated Mayor Villarreal. "Their efforts have made a meaningful difference in the lives of countless individuals, and we are proud to celebrate their contributions on this special occasion."


As the Rio Grande City Rotary Chapter marks its 56th anniversary, the City Commission reaffirmed its support for the chapter's mission and pledged to continue working together to promote goodwill, peace, and service within the community and beyond.