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RGC Police and Fire Department  Engages Students at Career Day

The Rio Grande City Police Department and Rio Grande City Fire Department & Emergency Management took part in Career Day at the Rio Grande City Grulla Independent School District (ISD) Early Childhood Academy, offering students a firsthand look into the roles of law enforcement officers and firefighters in serving the community.

Students from various classes eagerly interacted with police officers and firefighters, seizing the opportunity to learn about their vital contributions to the city. Through engaging presentations and demonstrations, the public safety personnel provided insights into their daily responsibilities, emphasizing the importance of their roles in ensuring the safety and well-being of residents.

"We are thrilled to participate in Career Day at the Early Childhood Academy and to share our experiences with the future leaders of Rio Grande City," state RGC Fire Chief Manuel Muniz.

The event aimed to inspire students and broaden their understanding of potential career paths, fostering a sense of appreciation for the dedicated professionals who serve the community. By connecting with local law enforcement and emergency management personnel, students gained valuable insights into the diverse opportunities available in public service.

"We believe that exposing students to different career options at an early age is essential in shaping their aspirations and empowering them to make informed choices about their future," RGC Police Chief Noe Castillo.

The participation of the Rio Grande City Police Department and Rio Grande City Fire Department & Emergency Management in Career Day exemplifies their commitment to community engagement and education. By fostering positive interactions with young learners, these agencies aim to inspire the next generation of public servants and instill a sense of pride in serving the Rio Grande City community.